Breed Selection

“What’s the right dog for me?” is a question I wish I got asked more. 

Often, when I am called on to meet with a family who is experiencing behavioral problems with their dog, I arrive to quickly find that there aren’t necessarily any issues with the dog, but that it’s more of a sitatuion of a “bad match” between owner and the type of dog they have.  This is sometimes an unfortunate situation because the owners may not have known what they were taking on when they acquired this particular dog.  Looks can be deceiving!

Keeping in mind that most dogs may be with us for about 10-15 years so making a good choice at the onset will ultimately be beneficial for both the dog and the family.  There are so many questions to think about as one begins the search for the right family companion.  Each breed type has it’s own unique characteristics and the more familiar owners are with what they might expect from temperament and energy level will only help pave the road for success.

If you are thinking about a new addition to the family but are unsure of how to proceed, I’ll help you explore the many options and figure out what type of dog will best suit your family and lifestyle.  I also help you contact breeders and know what to ask if you are looking for a purebred dog or work with you in finding the right rescue or shelter dog as well.