Pet Fencing

As an avid dog lover and professional in the industry, I believe that each of us, as dog owners, has a[break] responsibility to keep our pet safe, on our property.  So often I hear stories of dogs running off to peruse the neighborhood, or worse, being injured or killed in automobile accidents.

In 2003 I became involved with the Pet Stop System and feel that it was one of the greatest products availablefor dogs today.

For those of you who don’t know much about Pet Fence Systems, there is a lot to learn!  The Pet Stop system is unlike any other pet containment system available today.  It has an entire host of features that allow us to specifically customize how each individual fence is going to work, based on every dog’s individual personality.  Gone are the days of dogs simply running through the fence to get to the neighbors dog.  Likewise, we can also tailor the system so that even the most timid or reluctant dog will be able to safely and fairly learn his or her boundaries, WITHOUT being overwhelmed or scared by a harsh collar correction.

In addition, this system comes with not only a lifetime warranty on all equipment purchased, but also a comprehensive containment guarantee that assures you the success of the fence, or you will receive a full refund.

I would be more than thrilled to give any of you more detailed information on the Pet Stop system so feel free to contact me at any time.  You may also want to visit our Pet Stop website at for more information.