I’ve spent much of my life-helping dog owners develop positive, loving relationships with their canine companions. I try my best to train people to work with their dogs in ways that encourage a partnership that lasts for life.

Often, when people first contact me, they want to know, “What methods do you use,?” “Are you positive based or negative based?”

The truth is, if every dog were to learn the same way, they would just come accompanied by a book of instructions and no one would need a dog trainer. I think that every animal I meet needs to be seen as its own unique personality, possibly requiring a training approach that is specific to that animal.

When I meet a new dog, whether it’s in a class or privately, I attempt to do two things… First, I try to figure out what the dog needs to be successful and then I try to gather information from the owners about what they need to be successful as well. I then try to tailor my approach based on how I think the owner is best capable of giving the dog what he or she needs in a way that’s easy and fun.

Primarily using lots positive reinforcement, I helps students explore how dogs think, thus unlocking the possibilities for effective communication and learning. I believe that many of today’s training issues are a result of “miscommunications” between human and dog. As these lines of communication are opened in a series of easy steps, many issues cease to exist. I try to make my classes upbeat and fun for dogs and entire families.

To me, dog training is a family process and all members are encouraged to participate. I focus on teaching patience and consistency that creates an environment that will allow dogs to flourish and become a welcome addition to the household.



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