It’s been my pleasure to know Bill Grant for over 20 years. We met when he came as a camper to Camp Gone to the Dogs, which I founded and ran for many years. He came with his very first dog, the most buddha-like Akita anyone’s ever met —Jacob. Jacob lead Bill into the world of dog training, where Bill launched himself into a new career by studying for several years with an excellent companion dog trainer in the Boston area. [break][break] He then moved to Vermont and began his own dog training business. In very little time he has become the “go-to” trainer for almost everyone who acquires a puppy or needs to train an older dog.[break][break] I myself always bring my new pups to his Kindergarten Puppy Training Classes and I’ve recently attended his high school class with my three-year old Standard Poodle Gallant, an un-neutered male, who needed to be reminded that he needs to be more tuned into me even when his nose tells him there’s an interesting girl around. We (Gallant and I) have had great success, a very good time and are closer than ever. [break][break] Bill’s methods are very positive and fun for both humans and dogs. I’m also happy to say he believes in limit setting and some minor corrections. To my way of thinking, all positive is not natural in a dog’s world. Dogs teach other dogs with negatives (growls, muzzle bites, etc.) when they want to stop another dogs’ behavior. I am glad that he has integrated an approach that always starts with the positive, but is flexible enough to provide minor corrections and limit setting, if needed,  that work to create a happy dog who pays attention. This is not a dominance-based approach, either! (That makes me growl!) [break][break] I continue to be amazed at what a quick study he is. [break][break] Bill’s ability to communicate and connect with humans is quite something, as well. Really, dog training is about training people. Bill is able to explain concepts and work with people in such a positive way that repeat customers are the norm. In a short time Bill has earned a well-deserved wonderful reputation as the dog trainer for both classes and privates in southern Vermont. Word-of-mouth is what counts around here and you only get it by being around for a while and doing your job well. [break][break] His related business, installing electric fences, dovetails with the dog training to create a harmonious environment for people and their dogs. Here again, this training knowledge and an ability to connect well with people, as well as having a very good system, are keys to this successful business. [break][break] Bill is a real pleasure to know and I’m very pleased tht his path and mine have crossed for so many years. [break][break] Honey Loring, M.A. Ed.[break] Founder, Camp Gone to the Dogs[break]

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Grant for over 7 years, as a client, trainer, breeder and consultant. His love for his work and compassion for dogs AND their families is what sets him apart. He has been an invaluable resource for us in training and understanding our German Shepherd puppy, Arlo. My husband and I attended Bill’s puppy kindergarden, high school, and college classes and enjoyed the positive atmosphere and easy to follow instruction. Because of Bill’s guidance, Arlo has grown into a very well mannered dog who is welcome many places and a pleasure to be around. [break][break] Bill’s understanding of canine behavior, commitment to positive training methods, and communication skills make him a wonderful teacher and trainer. I never hesitate to recommend his classes to my clients for puppies or adult dogs and often hear good reviews. We are also very pleased with our Pet Stop fence and Arlo is able to enjoy running around the yard without us worrying about him getting into the road or other trouble. [break][break] The training and support both Bill and Bruce have provided with our fencing system has been wonderful. I would not risk my dog’s safety by buying and installing an inferior product.” [break][break] Tammy McNamara, DVM

Where does a dog trainer go when she wants to take her dog to puppy class? If fortunate enough to live where I do it’s a no-brainer – to Bill Grant of course. I have known Bill for over fifteen years. Over that course of time I have had the good fortune of seeing him grow as a trainer. His commitment to owner and pet and the relationship between the two is one of the reasons I love working with Bill.   [break][break]

As a trainer it’s fun for me to get to take a class now and again and I love Bill’s classes. He is funny and lighthearted always giving the dog/human team the encouragement and help needed. I have taken pups to Bill’s puppy kindergarten classes as well as others and have had a blast while my dogs learned how to become the well behaved adults they are now.[break][break]

I have had the pleasure of co-teaching with him when not taking a class from him and am always impressed with his knowldege and willingness to share it in a way that is easy for all to understand and carry out. Bill is willing to take as long as it takes to a get a pup through an issue that it may be having, always remaining patient and positive with human and dog.  We are fortunate to have someone like Bill available to us.[break][break]

Ann W. Firestone, President & Shelter Manager[break] Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue[break][break]

DogSense – Dog Training and Behavioral Services[break] Broomtail Farm[break] 23 Saw Mill Road[break] South Acworth, NH, 03607[break] www.saveyourassrescue.org

My wife and I adopted Beau in April of 2011 with the help of eskies online http://www.eskiesonline.com/. He had been through a series owners and shelters before we adopted him. A lot of that has to do with the energy and vitality of the breed.[break][break]

Beau is a great dog but he came with an L’Enfant terrible mentality. He ran out the door the second day we had him playing in traffic here on the Barre Montpelier Road before running off. We got him back with in the hour but decided that training was in our immediate future.[break][break]

Beau and I signed up for the first good manner’s one class available at the central Vermont Humane. There are several good

instructors there and we were lucky to get Bill Grant who teaches dog behavioral classes all over Vermont.[break][break]

Bill was very patient with both Beau and myself. I had never had a dog or tried to train a dog previous and it seemed for the first couple of classes Beau just wanted to bark at everything. Bill was patient and stuck to reinforcing the skills that were important for our development and Beau’s safety. I am sure the hardest thing to do is to teach the human in the mix.[break][break]

We ended up taking 2 more classes –come when you are called and Good Manners 2. Beau and I are works in progress but the time spent bonding and the lessons learned made Beau’s entry into our pack much smoother than we ever thought possible.[break]


I would highly recommend Bill Grant and his method of teaching. I enjoyed our classes and would take more if available. And by the way Beau has hiked all 48 New Hampshire 4000 foot peaks.[break]


Steve Barbour[break] Barre, Vermont